Looking forward to E3 2016

A few days ago, Chris came to me and asked me to put together a few thoughts about what I'm looking forward to from this year's E3 conference.
So I sat down in front of my computer, and began researching. I looked into every game rumored to be there. I read about the potential new console updates. I watched a bunch of teaser trailers.
None of it mattered. I didn't see a single game mentioned that would even remotely make me think about a new console (though I did find maybe 3 games that made me say "I'd like to try that"). I think I can officially say that I'm a retiree from the console wars.
But then, I saw two letters that filled me with so much excitement, that I nearly considered taking time off work to watch the conferences.

V. R. (Virtual Reality)
The best parts of E3 for me have always been the big stage presentations. Or more correctly, when things go terribly wrong during them. Remember Peter Moore pausing Rock Band? The floating enemies in Assassin's Creed? Mr. Caffeine? The Project Natal demo? Peter Molyneux and Milo? Battle Tag? The Vitality Sensor? That stupid breathing game Ubisoft demoed a few years back?
Nothing is better during a live event than watching the tap dance as things go awry. Dead controllers and crashing systems happen. It's all crazy tech held together with duct tape and bubblegum in a room with more wireless devices than your average Best Buy. Now this year, we have another new-ish technology where EVERY COMPANY is trying to be at the front of the pack. Just imagine watching programmers, company executives, and "celebrities" wobbling around the stage trying to tell people just how immersive the game they are playing is...all while trying to not fall off the stage.
I expect so many gifs and memes to come from this I might choke on my laughter. Plus, Blink 182 is supposed to perform at one of the conferences. E3 2016 is going to be magical.

E3 2016 Day 1 Highlights - What You Need to Know

Mega Man Funko Pops look AMAZING!