TMNT Dicemasters - Checking out the Action Cards

We got requests to showcase the action cards from the upcoming TMNT Dicemasters set, and while I was having some camera issues I wanted to put them up as requested.  Be sure to check out the Character Card preview we put up last week if you haven't already and are curious about the new TMNT set that is a little different than every set Wizkids has released so far.

First, we get another 1 cost Action card which has only been included in D&D and Yu-Gi-Oh sets so far.  Since I don't care about those sets this is my first and I can see it being a good way to get extra energy early but as a punishment not being able to heal when you have more than 15 health makes it useless if you actually roll it early.  It could be useful, but you may be better served with something more powerful.  The others seem to skew more helpful toward the Turtles team, and if you read my thoughts on the characters I think the Villains are more powerful so the action cards might be necessary to keep the balance.  If you choose the Reptilian heroes, you will want the "Heroes in a Half Shell" card which will bump their stats.  For villains grab the "Tactical Cover" to boost your defense with a lower cost action card.

The 4 cost cards start to pack some punch, with "Special Delivery" letting you roll 2 more dice and "Enraged" and "Cowabunga" adding attack and Overcrush to your characters.  I can see the benefits to "Lethal Blow" but I think I would prefer the guaranteed boost of the 4 cost cards.  Although, getting the double burst Lethal Blow and knocking their strongest die into the bag would be pretty sweet. 

In general, they were a little weak on the Global abilities and the Mask and Fist energy types get no love at all.  "Give me a Break" seems to have the best usage for weakening the defense when you aim to attack, but I probably wouldn't buy a card just to get access to a global. 

That does it for the TMNT set, I enjoyed this set and would like to see them experiment with some more forays into other licensed lines that might not be able to support a enormous character load like the DC and Marvel universes. 

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