Destiny – Our Error Filled First Raid

If Chris and I are going to sample Destiny we eventually had to go on a group Raid.  Our friend Mark is a seasoned player and he and his band of Max-Level friends allowed us to join them on a Raid that was supposed to take 90 Minutes.  Because we were involved it took longer.  This was our third session playing Destiny so in comparison to these players we are infantile morons.  Neither of us has cool gear and they made sure that we knew it, mocking our entry level spaceships and non-glowing items.  The Raid “Vault of Glass” is not easy for the uninitiated.  I am not sure how a group playing the raid for the first time would even know where to go.  You are often running in pitch black toward a destination you can barely see (I cheated and jumped up my brightness level).  On top of that we were way out-classed with multiple enemies that can kill us in a single blow, causing the rest of the team to stop and wait for us to be revive-able.  This was particularly problematic on a spot where we had to split the team up while one at a time crossing a mystical bridge.  Chris and I were not strong enough to hold a spot on our own and so half the team had to essentially quit so that the few who made it across could finish the level without us holding them back.  The game also has spots where a single person dying means that the group dies so I ruined everyone’s evening at least once.  But enough with the negatives, we got some loot and I leveled up to 30.  I got a Legendary shotgun called “Swordbreaker” that apparently does Void Damage, which I am told is a good thing.  I also got a LONG flowing cape and the ability to change my outfit to all white so I look like Moon Knight with a gun.  I also got Relics or Mystical pieces or something.  I don’t know what they do, but everyone felt bad for me when I told them those drops so they must be junk.  I now have 2 legendary items equipped and next time me and Chris play we will be a little better against our properly leveled bad guys.  I hope they have Swords so my gun can break them.

Chris Says:  Our first raid experience was pretty much what I expected, dying a lot. Fortunately, we had four other veterans with us to guide us (and revive us.) Our leaders also were very generous in showing us were several Dead Ghosts that I was able to revive. I was very intrigued at some of the game mechanics that Destiny has in store for the player. It's not always clear on what the objective was during each section of the raid. However, once understood, the different sections whether they be puzzle based or eliminate the enemy horde, were all both challenging and entertaining. The Vault of Glass raid took our team about two hours to complete, and afterwards we did the Crota's End event which lasted about 30 minutes. At the end, I received some new gear (below) and ultimately had a fun time. Oh yeah, and I fell in a hole, Check out mydumb self below:

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