The top 5 things I want to learn more about from E3 2016

E3 is just around the corner, and all of the video game companies are trying to remain silent on their upcoming announcements for the June 14-16 show. There are several that have either been previously announced or hinted at, but not confirmed.

1. Cuphead - TBD 2016

Initially revealed almost two years ago at E3 2014, this unique 1930's retro platformer has many intrigued. It keeps getting delayed, and there still is no firm release date. What gives? The game looks amazing, and I have been excited to play it ever since it was announced. The Cuphead website says for release in 2016, but hopefully that will be sooner than later. Maybe an announcement at this year's Xbox press conference?

Lots of new gameplay of 1930s inspired Cuphead was recently released! Join me as I analyze the new footage frame by frame to uncover any secrets it may hold! Previous Video:
Crackdown 3

2. Crackdown 3 - TBD 2016

Another release that has been teased for years, fans have to remember that the original game included the Halo 3 beta, which is why sales were initially so good. It turned out that the original Crackdown was actually super fun to play, and even spawned other major series borrowing game play elements. (I'm looking at you Saint's Row IV!) However the second game was just a re-skinned version of the first, and threw zombies in the mix. As far as I am concerned, that game doesn't exist. Hopefully we see this game by Holiday 2016. Wouldn't it be funny if it included the Halo 6 beta?

3. The Legend of Zelda - TBD 2017

We already know from previous news that this has been delayed several times already. Nintendo has been tight-lipped on this expansive entry into their popular franchise, but they have stated that it will be "different". I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  The WiiU version of The Legend of Zelda will be demoed at E3 and will have an entire day dedicated to a live stream of the game. Let's just hope they didn't change it so we have to play as Linkle.

4. Civilization VI - 10/21/2016

It was recently announced that Civilization VI will be released on PC this Fall, and man does it look good. Sporting HD graphics, but retaining that Civilization V feel. Fireaxis has already stated that it will be fixing flaws that resided in the previous entry like global happiness vs city happiness, and stacking multiple military units on a single tile. This will make hardcore fans of the series happy to finally be heard.

5. Virtual Reality Gaming - Fall 2016

PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and other virtual reality peripherals claim to be on the way to changing the way we play video games this year.  I feel this is something I want to try to make a sound decision. Luckily my brother Sean has a PlayStation VR set already preordered, so I will get to try his out this Fall. Looking forward to not playing but experiencing things like Rez Infinite, and Call of Duty with this head wear hardware.

So what do you think? Are you excited for any of these games? Maybe something we didn't mention?  I am sure some hardware revision announcements will happen at the press conferences this year, and most likely some surprises too. We shall see in the coming weeks how E3 will shape the landscape of video game releases during the rest of 2016.

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