One More Line - Steam Review

One More Line

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PC

  • Players: 1-4

  • Achievements: Yes

  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes

  • Controller Support : Partial

  • Retail Price: $2.99

High Level Premise: Go as far as you can in this 1-button skill timing game.

Graphics/Style: Minimalistic. The way the lines are drawn reminds me of Tron lightcycles racing. There's not much to this game, but it looks nice.

Music/Soundtrack: I've heard the same 20 seconds of the same song over 100 times now. It has a bit of a Daft Punk feel to it. I like the touch of the song slowing down after you die.

Story: No real story here. Just last as long as you can dodging things in the way.

Replay-ability: You will play it over and over until you feel like throwing your computer off the roof.

Time Commitment: A single run, especially if you're as bad at the game as I am may take 20-30 seconds. I typically get about 10-15 plays in before the frustration gets me, but I always come back to it.

Value: There are hundreds of these kind of infinite action games out there. This is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones. Plus if you have a group of friends nearby, this one is a no-brainer because of all the multi-player modes. The fact that they don't nickel and dime you for unlocks is especially nice.

Favorite Element: 4-player Chaos Mode, where all 4 players share the same lane.

Um, Oops.

Attempt #1 - OK, on the screen is says "Hold Space"... That's the only instruction. I've been holding space for 5 minutes. I should probably let go. Ah! There we go! So hold down Space (or any key, including one on your controller) puts you in orbit around one of these pegs. You let go to launch in whichever direction you are facing. Uh oh, I got to close to a peg, and am spinning so fast I can't tell which way I'm going here goes nothing...and I'm into the wall.

Attempt #2 - Let's try that again. Ok, the set up is random each time, that's ni...oh no, I'm heading straight for a peg! Let's grab that peg I'm right next, why did it grab the peg I was heading towards and pull me straight in? That's weird. I was expecting it to grab a completely different one. I wonder why that happened? Ah well, One More Line!!

... time passes.

Attempt #53 - WHAM! Ok, so I probably shouldn't have let go when I was outside the lane...let's take a look through some menus. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends, but if I did - all these local multi player modes look like fun. Especially Chaos mode where up to 4 players can be playing in the same row at the same time.

I'm so fancy!

Oh! There are customizations as well! I gave my character a hat! And now the line I leave behind is a fancy swirl! I can even make the screen Steam themed! And it looks like all these unlocks are gotten through game play, not paid microtransactions...that's extra nice!

In the end, One More Line isn't much different than most of the "infinite action" games like Super Hexagon, Flappy Bird, or Temple just go until you goof up, and then you do it again. I do think it looks better than most of those (kind of a Tron Lightcycles feel) and has simpler controls. I did find that whatever mechanism they use to determine which peg you grapple onto doesn't always work they way you expect it to which leads to a few more accidental deaths than it should.

I don't have a problem, I can stop any time I want. Just let me run one more line.

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