Destiny – Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Doing the Elaine "Kick" dance from Seinfeld

Doing the Elaine "Kick" dance from Seinfeld

Part of an ongoing series where Chris and Dean try to squeeze Destiny Co-Op into their already busy schedules.

Chris and I finally got our schedules aligned and after he completed the Prologue level we met in the Tower (Social Hub of Destiny’s world) and together bought a mystery “Expression” each hoping to get a silly dance. We decide to reveal it to one another at the same time and both of us awkwardly “Fist Bump”. It is odd that we were granted the same expression, but also that if two people with that expression attempt it they don’t line up. So I thumped Chris in the chest and he struck slightly to my left before the dramatic explosion hand gesture. We are united, we are armed, and we are idiots, this will be great. We do a little RPG errand running (running back and forth between NPCs for trivial reasons) to get some missions assigned to us and finally get to land on a hostile planet and shoot things we don’t agree with ideologically. That planet ended up being Earth, and the things ranged from weakling nuisances to a Giant Robot Bug that we had no business fighting.

Part of the appeal to Destiny is random “Events” which can provide a unique item drop. While Chris and I run around fighting minions and drones other higher level characters are fighting Earth quaking behemoths that can kill us in a few seconds and did repeatedly. It was fun to “ahem” help those players by lending our guns to the battle and during this time an Event began where a giant ship dropped that aforementioned Robot in our midst with a score of frenzied friends and began to wreak havoc on the map. I fought relatively bravely between bouts of cowardly hiding in a stairwell to restore my health and we got some cool weapons and armor pieces. Apparently all of our running around didn’t satisfy the main mission we were sent to Earth for but after 3 hours we had to retire. We leveled up one time to Level 26 and I am keen to play again. The random shenanigans that keep popping up have an addictive nature and had Chris not insisted on ending I would have happily played another hour to my detriment. I shot a ghostly apparition in the face with a Rocket Launcher, which was certainly a highlight and my character has a special ability where I produce a Golden pistol from the ether and can blast 3 terrifying flame bullets into some unlucky creatures and the instances I did so were quite satisfying and I wish to replicate it again and again. However, it will be at least 3 days until we can do battle again and I can only stand in front of a fan to float my cool cape until our time has come to return.

Chris Says: I have always enjoyed Borderlands with the random loot that was dropped and customizing my loadout. With Destiny, it seems the loot drops are few, but the crafting aspect has much more focus. I actually welcome this change of pace, as it brings something different to the table. I might be missing something, but we had some difficulty figuring out what we are supposed to be doing for our main missions. Finding the beacons is easy as they are plentiful, but when highlighting the main objective, not much direction is given. The special events are my favorite so far, as there is something oddly satisfying to having a huge boss drop on the field and having 10 people you don’t know team up and take him down together. I had a blast tearing up the Taken apparitions which seemed plentiful in our first planet journey. I also really like the idea of consumables of things in packages or random power-ups that can be opened up or revealed by the Cryptarch back in the tower Unlike Dean who perished multiple times throughout our first Destiny exploration, I am proud to say my Titan character has not died once yet. I will let you know in future reports if I am no longer able to still say that. . I think Destiny is going to keep us busy for quite some time, and starting it now is perfect for the upcoming “summer lull” where almost nothing of interest is released in the video game world.

Dean's Retort - I am learning that running up to the biggest baddie and sticking my shotgun in their mouth is also perilously bad for my health.  But we could compare kill counts any time Chris.

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