Boss Fight Books on Kickstarter – 5 Days Left!

If you are one of our regular readers you know our affinity for the Boss Fight Book series where an author will lovingly dissect one of history’s great or interesting games.  They are quick and delightful reads and we should encourage more of this sort of scholarship applied to our beloved medium of Video Games.  So I implore you to check out the Kickstarter which will finance the next series of books and allow you to vote on a future selection.  Jokingly, Chris and I have discussed which book we would write if we had the choice and landed on River City Ransom, so feel free to make that your vote.  I was given an advance copy of Super Mario 3 and I have devoured about half of it already, I will tease you with this quote.

“Legend has it that Miyamoto delayed SMB3’s 1-1’s design until completion of the other levels so he could teach all the skills that the game requires in this introductory environment. And indeed, entirely through placement of items and enemies, level 1-1 teaches players how to jump, crush enemies, collect items, crouch, kick shells, sprint, fly, use tunnels, and find secrets—all within the first few minutes of play and with no on-screen text. “Great game designers still strive to teach the mechanics of their games to players in such an effective way without breaking away from the action,” Roth said.”

Who is the Roth that is quoted?  Perhaps you may not even know who Miyamoto is, and this book will answer both those questions and more. 

The next series will cover not only Super Mario 3, but Katamari Damacy, Soft & Cuddly, Mega Man 3, and Kingdom Hearts 2.  You can back this project with complete confidence that your money will be well spent and you will get your prized item within the time allotted. 

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