Retro 8-bit Super Mario Bros. Monopoly looks amazing and is now available

Sure it seems like there is a themed version for Monopoly for every license available these days. We have gotten several Nintendo-themed Monopoly variants over the years and a Legend of Zelda release as well.  Today I am actually quite surprised to see a Monopoly game based on the original Super Mario Bros. in so much detail.  The game seems to bare little resemblance to the original board, and has a beautiful retro theme.  The tokens look awesome as well, featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool in all of their 8-bit glory. Being a huge retro gamer, this is the right was to utilize this retro license and art work. I love how all of the spaces are filled in with the appropriate backgrounds, and there is none of the original board game's background.  I also think it's cool that the end flag poles replace the houses, and the castles replace the hotels.  Overall it looks to be a really nice collector's piece, hopefully we can get our hands on one for a review and a play through video. Something tells me these won't be on shelves long.

The Retro tokens in Super Mario Bros. Monopoly look amazing.

The board looks to be well detailed

Everything about this screams awesome.

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