Fabular - Kickstarter Spotlight

I haven’t been inspired by many Kickstarter video games lately, but I am digging “Fabular” which they labeled as “A Medieval Space Folktale with Action RPG and Roguelike influences.” The game is set for release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 

Check out the trailer below and then lets discuss.

First, I love the art aesthetic marrying some pixel art with classic Medieval era iconography.  But the main thing I am intrigued by is the melee spaceship battle concept.  Most space games feature lasers and missiles and while this isn’t a wholly new thing I am interested in checking this game out upon release.  It recently launched, and is expected to release in September of 2017 so a fairly lengthy wait period but if you are interested check out the kickstarter page and consider pledging.  I don't know for certain that the game will get enough money raised given the long gestation period but I hope they pull it off.  I was able to grab one of the last “Early Bird” spots and will write up a review upon release. 

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Throwback Thursday - An Ode to Street Fighter II