Dreaming of Game of Thrones' gaming future

Game of Thrones returned last night and for many the wait was almost too long between seasons. The show remains a singular reason to subscribe to HBO but other than a Telltale series the game has yet to get a proper game release to cash in on the popularity.  Being a genre show with a premium on combat and the existence of both undead and dragons a game is begging to be made.  However, the tale has not yet been told and until then I think they will hold off on debuting a game.  Once the show is complete, or the books run their course I can imagine a Shadow of Mordor type game that plays in the sandbox of the universe and even may share some characters (Mordor had both Gollum as well as Sauron from LOTR)  but doesn't interfere in the grand story of the Song of Fire and Ice saga. 

Ideally, I would love to see a Skyrim/Witcher like RPG that would allow you to develop a character of your choosing and align yourself with the houses you enjoy and travel the world seeking adventure.  I would also enjoy a Dynasty Warriors style combat game where you choose a house and try to lead them to take over Westoros.  Imagine pitting the Dothraki against White Walkers in a grand scale battle.  Given that the show pulls no punches and has some extreme content it might be good to pick a game that can deftly avoid some of the stickier content so it can actually be released and sold by politically correct corporations.  If you imagine a decision tree with the option to rape the unarmed person in front of you I think that game is far far away from ever seeing the light of day, but a more brutal RPG certainly could carve out some space in the gaming landscape.

What would you like to see in the Game of Thrones Universe? Maybe a tower defense game defending the Wall? Command and Conquer style Real Time Strategy?

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