Shadow Puppeteer - Nintendo WiiU Review

Shadow Puppeteer

Quick Glance

  • Platform: Wii U and PC
  • Players: 2
  • Achievements: Yes (on PC)
  • Steam Trading Cards: No
  • Controller Support: Yes, Partial
  • Retail Price - $14.99

High Level Premise – A boy and his shadow solve puzzles and do some platforming.

Graphics/Style – Tim Burton inspired character and design.

Music/Soundtrack – The villain of this story is a shadow stealing organ grinder whose organ supplies most of the music for the game. It’s spooky, chilling music that fits well with the theme and essence of the game.

Story – One dark night a narcoleptic organ grinder begins stealing shadows and a boy must band together with his disembodied shadow to make things right.

Replay-ability – Some gamers may want to find all of the collectables before putting this game down but there is not much that will draw others back for another play-through.

Time Commitment – This game can be beat in about 2 to 4 hours.

Value – This is a decent value for a quick diversion that works well with 2 players working together.

Favorite Element – The game plays best with a friend. The collaborative element is one of the things that make this game great.

Many gamers of a certain age have cherished memories of sitting shoulder to shoulder with a friend while shooting each other in games like Goldeneye 64 and Halo, Wraslin’ in WCW vs. NWO and racing in games like Mario Kart. Local multiplayer has been eclipsed in popularity by online play though it is still an important part of gaming today. Look at games like LittleBigPlanet 3 and Portal 2 with modes that emphasize coop puzzle solving and Yoshi’s Wooly World that allow for 2 player platforming all from the same couch. This same Couch Co-op mode is what makes Shadow Puppeteer so great. They’ve doubled down on this mechanic to the extent that when playing by yourself you are required to control two characters which can be difficult at times. But this game works best with a partner to team up with to solve puzzles and defeat evil shadow puppets. The puzzles aren’t deviously hard, the platforming isn’t all that cutting edge but these minor qualms can easily be overlooked when a game like this capitalizes on the joy that comes with simply being in the same room with someone while playing together.

The premise is simple: One player controls a boy who interacts with the real world and another controls his shadow, they work together to move through a dark world threatened by an evil organ grinder whose organ can trap shadows. There are many inventive puzzles to encounter, many that rely on the manipulation of shadows and light. One such puzzle has you moving a box which then changes the shape and size of its shadow. This is where the 2 players must work together to complete each level. There are boss battles which are usually shadow minions sent by the antagonist until finally confronting the villain himself. This is an enjoyable game that must be played with a friend and is child friendly despite the spooky theme so young games can join in. If you like puzzles and platforming or you have a friend over this is definitely worth picking up.

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