Where do the unsold special editions go?

Here at GamingwithSwag we love Collector's Edition games, and many of the best are quick to sell out and if you missed out on the first wave you may covet the missed item for a long time.  Maybe you shell out the big bucks to grab it off Ebay or find it years later at a yard sale, but what about the games that don't sell out?  Once a game is released the devaluation of the game starts fast.  The standard edition can quickly drop from 60 bucks to 30 bucks but the remaining special edition units remain at or near their initial premium price.  The game is no longer hot, and with the lowered game-only price it makes the exclusive items represent more of the cost which they probably don't deserve.  I went on a search on Amazon and here are some of the products still waiting for a home.

The Titanfall Collector's edition is 250 bucks, features a cool statuette, but since the base game is available for under 20 bucks that Statue is now worth roughly 230 bucks depending on how much value you assign to the art book.  The game is also Multiplayer only, so with a diminished audience after its release in March 2014, the utility of this game is approaching zero. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Collector's Edition, Xbox 360
By Batman: Arkham Asylum Ce, Game

This game is not only a generation behind, but it has had 3 sequels (I am counting Origins).  Would you pay $130 to get a replica Batarang? Unlike Titanfall this game will be great forever, but you can probably buy it for 10 bucks or less. 

Lords of the Fallen was recently featured as a free game on Xbox Live, but if you drop 105 dollars you can get the game and a bloody bust on PS4. 

This collector's edition is 89 dollars and doesn't even come with sweet collectible Legos.  You get 4 magnets representing the Hogwarts houses.  Who is going to buy this game?

I can imagine a sweet farm, the same one where sickly pets go to to live out their days after the parents take it to the vet that final time.  The farm has some kids there who break up playing with your beloved old pets by playing these neglected video games.  They finally find the home they deserve once Amazon and Walmart won't tolerate them eating up space in their warehouses any more.

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