Dice Masters Marvel Civil War Booster Cards and Checklists Preview

In our last part of our series of Dice Masters Marvel Civil War preview series, we examine some of the booster cards we received.  If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, go check them out!

Intimidate is going to be huge in this series, a good way to quickly get some attacks in.  The Moon Knight card art is amazing, and the Uncommon we received adds a nice boost to Captain America.  Also, if your opponent has an Avengers heavy team, this is the die you will want to have in play.

I love the fact that Venom is Dual Affiliation (as he should be). This makes this card more versatile when teaming up with both villains and the Thunderbolts.  Oh Nitro. You are the main reason this Civil War is happening in the first place. This uncommon card is nice to have in play if you are trying to round out your team with more villains. I really like both of these dice. The Venom tongue and the mushroom cloud were both nice touches.

Hercules is a perfect defensive character. His cost isn't too high, and if you roll that 7 Defense face, you are golden. Falcon this time around seems more useful as well, that extra life per side-kick is perfect defense against players that try to chip away at your team point by point. Does anyone else think the Hercules die looks like Haggar from Final Fight?

Check out the full list of characters above (Click each picture to enlarge.) I am very excited to see Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Jessica Jones, and Deathlok in there.  Overall I am super excited for this set to come out in early May alongside the movie. I already have my gravity feed preordered! What do you guys think? Is this a set you are going to heavily invest in?

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