Dice Masters - Marvel Civil War Review and 90-count D.C. World's Finest Draft

Earlier this week, Bobby, Dean, and I took a look at some really cool upcoming products from Wiz Kids. Marvel Civil War is obviously a tie-in with the upcoming movie and this set is scheduled to be released in May. I feel as though with every Dice Masters set that is released, the quality gets exceptionally better.  Over time the play mat, card and dice quality, and overall packaging of the product has improved. The art on the cards is beautifully done, and features some unique powers and card actions.  Take a look for yourself in our review:

Chris and Dean unbox and review the upcoming Dice Masters - Marvel Civil War set to be released in May 2016! Maybe we will get a Super Rare? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribeswag

We also finally received our 90-count Gravity feed for D.C.'s World's Finest set.  I really like all of the familiar heroes and villains in this set compared to the War of Light set released last year.  I highly recommend picking up a bunch of these to round out your set even if you have a bunch of the Justice League boosters.  There is nothing quite like having an all-star team of The Riddler, Scarecrow, The Penguin, and Nightwing to battle against your friends. Check out what rare cards we pull:

Chris, Dean, and Bobby unbox and split a 90-count D.C. Dice Masters - World's Finest gravity feed full of booster packs! Maybe we will get a Super Rare or two? Click to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/subscribeswag

Dice Masters Marvel Civil War Starter Pack - In depth breakdown

Dice Masters Marvel Civil War Starter Pack - In depth breakdown

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