The Zapper 9mm Custom Gun - Outrage and Desire combined

The dog won't laugh a me missing ducks now.

The dog won't laugh a me missing ducks now.

The fact that this real life gun styled after the NES Zapper exists is surprising in a number of ways.  First, I am surprised it took this long given that the Zapper has been iconic for 30 years.  Second, this is another example of a gun that can fool and potentially harm police officers.  And third I kinda want one.  This divided nature of course permeates gun control debate, and I don’t really want to wade too deep in those waters, but essentially I would like to own this gun but I also wouldn’t want this gun in the hands of many other people as I don’t necessarily trust them to use it wisely.  The image went viral and Precision Syndicate has already clarified that they made a single custom order and the gun is not set for mass production.  And I am sad but also glad to hear that.

If we had a headline about how someone with a Zapper 9mm shot a police officer, or a child got their hands on one I would be sad as it would tarnish a vessel of joy from my youth.  However, the idea of target shooting with a “real” zapper has the potential to inject pure happiness into my brain.  I grew up on the zapper, and with my dad I later went into Tactical Shooting, and eventually tournament target shooting.  The skill and desire I cultivated playing Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley, Gotcha!, and Track and Field II later grew into a real hobby that I was able to share with my dad.  The idea of combining the two worlds is undeniably powerful, but my time with guns also developed the need to be very cognizant of their power and lethality.  Mixing fun and guns can go sideways very quickly and mistakes made with guns have disastrous consequences.  Plus, I don’t really want a 9mm, but if they made a Desert Eagle POINT-FIVE-OH (Delivered in your best Vinnie Jones impersonation from Snatch) I might falter in my convictions.

“The Fact that you’ve got “Replica” written down the side of your gun, and that fact that I’ve got “Zapper Point Five Oh” down the side of mine should precipitate your balls into shrinking along with your presence”

If you missed this reference buy this.  I mean it.

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