Kickstarter Highlight - Scuttle, A Pirate Themed Card Game for All-Ages

Now that I have a child, I have begun dreaming of the day I get to share my favorite things with her, and one of those things would be games either video or otherwise.  Kickstarter recently added a game called Scuttle that not only matches the Pirate/Mermaid theme of her nursery but looks like a simple game to add to your repertoire of Crazy 8's and Go Fish.  If you have ever played the classic game Cuttle this is very similar.  You can see the game in action in this video below as it is reviewed by a father and son.

Kickstarters for games have a murky history with some people getting burned badly, but my luck has been pretty good with only a cosmetic error on the expansion of one game turning out wrong for me so I am pressing my luck.  In the case of this game, it is a deck of cards so I imagine it can only run into a few foul-ups in production before completion and their reasonable goal has already been hit and they are flying through stretch goals.  If you are interested in a portable game to play with your kids check it out.  I jumped in on the 14 dollar tier to get the expansion which adds a game mode to increase the replay value. 

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