Minecraft Story Mode - The Adventure Begins (Thoughts after the first 2 Chapters)

I grew up playing point and click adventures starting with NES classics like Shadowgate, and Maniac Mansion, and I have liked what Telltale Games has done with the genre with popular franchises like Fables, The Walking Dead, and Borderlands.  Now we get to see how they handle a family adventure with Minecraft: Story Mode.  Currently 4 chapters are available to play and the 5th is coming soon.  They announced another 3 chapters will follow taking on another adventure so I would take that as a sign this saga is doing well and will continue to see updates. 

My previous time with Telltale was on the more mature games, and you get none of the moral quandaries found there where your decisions lead to people's deaths in Minecraft Story Mode.  The stakes are more like which friend will you annoy more than the other, and whether or not your pet Pig gets a black eye.  I also get the sneaking suspicion that many of the choices would get you to the same result either way so the game doesn't always really feel like a choose-your-own-adventure game but like a play-along-through-our-story game.  Having said that I think this game is excellent for kids on many levels. 

If you have a child that is loving Minecraft and watches Stampy Longnose but struggles actually playing the game and doing more ambitious things this game will show them some glimpses of how far their imagination can take them and how they can use some more complicated items like redstone repeaters.  All while entertaining them and re-enforcing solid moral lessons like fairness and staying positive.  Sadly, if you are playing this game as a 34 year old man like myself you will wish for a little more depth and challenge. 

The art and style are very true to the game with some liberties taken to tell a story like more fluid movement animation and obviously the power of facial expressions.  I actually enjoyed seeing the zombies moving in a zombie like fashion and the spiders are much cooler in this form.  The characters are also brought to life with a first class batch of voice actors. With a male protagonist I have Patton Oswalt voicing the lead with support from Paul Reubens, Brian Posehn, Corey Feldman, and Martha Plimpton.  The writing is akin to many kids cartoons but there are some hidden gems in there for some adults to pick up on for humor, especially if you are savvy on Minecraft. 

I will write up a full review once I have played through the story completely where I can better peak to the value and see how the ending works assuming there is one, but if you have a kid in the house interested in this game I think it is a safe bet to entertain them.

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