King's Quest - Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause Review

  • Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Players – 1
  • Achievements – Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards - No
  • Controller Support - Partial
  • Retail Price - $9.99 per chapter, $39.99 for all five chapters

Locked in a goblin dungeon without a key.

High Level Premise – Point and Click adventure with puzzle solving.

Graphics/Style – An HD look similar to the cel shading of Zelda: Wind Waker. Humorous, light-hearted tone to the story.

Music/Soundtrack – The themes are perfect for the adventurer in me, I was never once turned off by the sound. The voice acting is excellent.

Story – An older King Graham retells stories of his adventures between the older King's Quest games. This one focuses on what happens right after Graham becomes King.

Replay-ability – This episode has multiple possible endings, enough to make you want to replay to achieve a better ending.

Time Commitment – Auto saving is perfect for this game, you can pick up and put down whenever you like. This chapter took me a little less time than the first, around 3-4 hours.

Value – The game is well polished, and is well worth the price of admission. You can try the $9.99 first Chapter and then buy the rest of the season at a discount if you don't want to take the full plunge.

Favorite Element – Graham must make some hard decisions that I have not had to do in a King's Quest game in the past.

Graham has his person checked to make sure he is not concealing any contraband.

After adventuring to Daventry in the first chapter in the series, we fast forward in time a bit Graham is now King Graham and is overwhelmed with all of the mundane decisions that need to be made throughout the kingdom. Soon, Graham is kidnapped by Goblins and thrown into a dungeon underground. After receiving a daily job from the Goblins to clean their lair, Graham soon discovers that not only he, but many of his friends that we met in the first Chapter are captured as well. This now places the player on a time limit to figure out the best plan of action to not only regain his strength, but keep his friends alive as well. This is a clever way of creating an emotional tie to the characters, as each of your imprisoned friends helped you in someway during the first Chapter.

If Graham does not find a way to keep an ally alive, they will perish and be unable to assist Graham in escaping. Let me tell you, the game gives you no warning and that first ally to perish was heartbreaking. Time advances only when Graham goes to sleep, where Goblins will check his person for any contraband he may be concealing. During the day, Graham can explore as much as he wants. However, because Graham is so weak, many areas are inaccessible until Graham can find a way to acquire food to regain his strength. Provided with only a single meal a day, the player must use their puzzle solving caps to find creative ways to juggle not only Graham's strength, but his captured friends as well.

Graham must decide who to save and who will perish.

Graham must decide who to save and who will perish.

At one point in the game I had to make a tough decision between two survivors. It's funny because I remember staring at the screen analyzing the possible ways of getting out of the dungeon and weighing who had the best shot of assisting me in my escape.  Be aware, most likely the first time you play this chapter people will die, and it is best to focus on keeping a single ally healthy.  This provides with some interesting ways of replaying this chapter, attempting to keep as many alive as possible.

Kings Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a cause is a solid entry in the series. Gone is the carefree, explore as you go, trial and error adventure game. Now the player must face some tough decisions on who will survive and who will perish. it definitely has a darker tone than the first Chapter, and that's a good thing to mix up the game play.  It still remains a King's Quest game at its core, and created some wonderful character development for both Graham and his friends.  I'm looking forward to Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb due out on April 26th of this year.

King's Quest - Rubble Without A Cause is the second of five chapters in the new, critically acclaimed reimagining of the classic King's Quest game series. In this latest adventure, King Graham takes players back to his first test as ruler of Daventry.

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