Pokemon Mythical Generations Booster Packs unboxing and review

Pokemon Trading Card game is something I never really understood until recently. It's a neat little card game that is similar to Magic the Gathering. You create a deck, shuffle it around and try to defeat your opponents creatures before they defeat yours. Game play takes approximately 20 minutes to complete a match, longer if things get intense.  The neat thing about Pokemon is that there are so many different characters, which leads to thousands of combinations of cards for you to build your own themed decks. Over the years there has been dozens of new series of cards that have been released, but this one in particular caught my eye.  Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, a new "Generations" set of cards has been released. These contain many older characters, highlighting some of the series favorites. The Pokemon Generations booster packs are currently only available in boxed sets and are not sold in single packs.  Below I unbox and show the pulls from six Generations booster packs. Check it out!

Chris unboxes three Mew Mythical Collectors boxes by request. these include the new Generations booster packs.  Click to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/subscribeswag

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