Gunscape - PlayStation 4 Review


Quick Glance:

•    Platform: PS4 (Also Xbox One & Wii-U)
•    Players: 4 locally via split-screen, 20 online
•    Achievements: Yes, trophies
•    Retail Price: $19.99

High Level Premise – Multiplayer shooter, play/create/share

Graphics/Style – 3D minimalist blocks, comparable to Minecraft

Music/Soundtrack – electronic/8-bit in style

Story – While Gunscape contains a campaign, it provides little in the story department.

Replay-ability – High

Time Commitment – variable, although game design allows for quick pick-up-and-go sessions.

Value – Very High, a seemingly endless amount of entertainment for the creative gamer.

Favorite Element – The fantastic map editor is spot-on and accessible to both novice & seasoned players.

A well designed and easy to use level editor allows for player made creations to be shared between all platforms.

Sean Says – I had very little in terms of expectations going into Gunscape.  What began as “another Minecraft clone” quickly became a new-found addiction upon exploring the superb level editor.  The sheer variety of tools and gameplay modes included allows for endless creativity for the player.  In addition, its easy to use interface allows anyone to construct impressive maps & creations on the fly.  Blowfish Studios really hit the nail on the head in this department.
    Among everything else, the multiplayer engagement within Gunscape is what makes this gem shine.  All areas of the game, including the level editor, allow for 4-player split screen, and even further interactions from friends & strangers via online.  The possibilities are endless when bringing a handful of friends together for constructing both co-op and multiplayer levels.
    Gameplay, handling, solid frame-rate – Gunscape has it all…with the exception of a lengthy campaign.  Included within the package is Chapter 1 “The Shay Complex”, which consists of eight fairly short levels that more-or-less show the player what’s possible with the creative tools provided within the editor.  While I initially hoped for more of a campaign/co-op experience, it quickly became clear that Gunscape is about so much more.
    All in all, Gunscape may be the best 20 dollars that you spend all year.  It’s a must-have title for any gamer, young & old alike.  The shared experience can allow for long and intimate gaming binges, while the quick “pick-up-and-play” multiplayer modes (and level editor) give the player freedom to have short and sweet sessions.  Gunscape receives my highest recommendation, and certainly deserves your attention.

Gunscape offers a plethora of variety, including a mini-campaign, various multiplayer modes, and 4-player split-screen among the entire experience.

Gareth Says – A review or introduction of this game could be as short as “FPS meets Minecraft” because in the simplest terms, that is what it is.  However that would be doing it zero justice and be very unfair.  I have played Minecraft on and off for years, and always find it interesting how I pick it up and get lost in it so easily.  With Gunscape the same idea is in place, but the creativity is directed towards making a great map or level for people to enjoy.
    I love simple and easy to use controls.  The depth it took to make a LittleBigPlanet level is what always deterred me from doing it.  In Gunscape it is easy, especially if you are familiar with this style of sandbox game.  You can make team games like Capture the Flag or Deathmatch.  Creating a smaller, more compact mode to up the intensity of a FFA match is a breeze.  You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish, and it is enjoyable the whole time.  Where I think the developers really succeeded was in making the option to create single or multiplayer co-op levels as well.
    The levels also have a voting system in place, allowing the player to vote “yes” or “no” directly following a match.  This makes it easier to let the better levels become more visible, while the lazily thrown together levels move out of sight (like mine?!?!)  This is a simple way to make the online pool of levels enjoyable and not miserable to find good levels.

Gunscape will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 2nd 2016! The Wii U version will come in Q2 2016. Visit -

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