Hitman Collector's Edition Pre-order

I enjoyed the Hitman games, as I did Tenchu and Assassin's Creed as stealth heavy objective games.  But I think Hitman was the best at providing variety in the ways you can complete your mission.  I look forward to playing the game when it comes out next month on the 11th (Xbox One and PS4), but I have to give them kudos for the sweet special edition.  I love the new trend of massive statuettes, this one measuring 10 inches, and as a nice touch for fans especially those in jobs requiring more formal wear you can sport the iconic red tie with a logo'd tie clip.  There is also an artbook for those who enjoy that sort of thing.  In a strange twist the set doesn't come with a physical copy of the game though, so it's resale value is diminished.  If you take advantage of the new Amazon pre-order discount for Prime members you can score this for 20% off, and get some bonuses for in the game.  Personally, I want to put the "Rubber Duck Explosive" to use.

Requiem Blood Money Pack. Includes exclusive in-game items, including: Requiem Legacy Suit, Blood Money Shirt, Tie, Gloves, and Silenced ICA-19 Chrome White Rubber Duck Explosive.

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