Dragon Quest Builders - The game that might get me to buy a PS4

Dragon Quest Builders is what happens when you mix Minecraft with Dragon Quest. You get an awesome Hybrid game that is easy to play and has characters you actually care about.  There are a ton of Minecraft clones out there, but none have really improved upon the formula much. Square-Enix presents a new take on the block building genre, by tying in their famous Dragon Quest heroes and villains. Everyone from a blue slime to Dragonlord is back, and ready for the hero to explore vast worlds and encounter different terrains that can be utilized to create amazing structures. The key part of this game that interests me, is the game takes place in Alefgard, the original land of the very first Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) game for Nintendo.  I hope this means we will see familiar landmarks like Tantegal Castle, and be able to scout out relics of Erdrick.

All images courtesy of Square-Enix

My description doesn't really do the game justice.  Make sure you take a look at the pictures and video trailer below for what the game is all about. Dragon Quest Builders has been getting fantastic reviews in Japan and is selling pretty well for being released in the first quarter of the year. Currently, the game is available in Japan only and for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and of course PlayStation 4.  Note I did not say PC or Xbox One, although I would hope that PC gets a release, since Dragon Quest Heroes did receive a port last Fall.  However, if it doesn't look like that is the case, I might have to shell out some cash for a PlayStation 4. I can't wait to build towns with inns and weapon shops, as well as do battle against Dragons and Golems. Unfortunately, no release date for outside of Japan has been announced yet.  In the meantime, if you do not mind the language barrier, you can always import Dragon Quest Builders if you just can't wait.  For me, this will be on my radar for 2016 as a must have game.

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