Dice Masters - DC World's Finest Unboxing and Review

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: Tabletop
  • Players: 2
  • Release Date: March 2016
  • Retail Price - $19.99 for Starter Set, $0.99 for each booster.

Wiz Kids was nice enough to send us an awesome preview package of the upcoming DC World's Finest series of Dice Masters.  As you know, Dice Masters is a two-player collectible dice and card game.  We have talked about this at length about how it is one of our favorite games to play that isn't electronic.  We have been impressed by the previous two DC Dice Masters sets, but this one takes the cake.  Obviously taking some cues from the upcoming movie of Batman vs. Superman, the starter set provides two main factions just like the movie.  This allows for many more Batman and Superman team ups than in previous sets.

Some of the dice and cards can be reused from older sets (see our video review below), but most are all brand new.  I don't know if it's my eyes playing tricks on me, but the printing of the icons on the dice for this set looks to be a bit better.  The Starter set includes characters I am all familiar with like Catwoman, Steel, and other DC favorites. I am loving the artwork for the various characters within the DC universe, and this set includes cards that provide some unique twists on the game play.  I was quite impressed to see a 6-cost action card, as those seem to be pretty uncommon to find.

Chris and Dean unbox and review the upcoming Dice Masters - DC Comics World's Finest set to be released in March! Maybe we will get a Super Rare?

Overall, we will definitely be purchasing a gravity feed to do another draft, and hopefully come across some of those super rares! For DC and Dice Masters fans alike, the DC World's Finest Dice Masters are not to be missed! The DC Dice Masters Starter Set, Booster packs, and play mat are scheduled to be released in March of 2016.

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