Road Redemption Review - Motorcycle Mayhem (Early Access)

Shovel Knight in 3D glory

Shovel Knight in 3D glory

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PC
  • Players – 1-4 (Local Only Currently)
  • Achievements – Yes (Steam)
  • Controller Support - Yes (Read Below to see how I got mine to work)
  • Retail Price - $19.99

High Level Premise – Combat on motorcycles

Graphics/Style – Current gen graphics resurrecting a game type that hasn't been touched since Nintendo 64.

Music/Soundtrack – Driving rock soundtrack, does get repetitive after a few hours.  Sound effects for Melee strikes are delightful.

Story – Almost nonexistent.  The game says you are part of your gang but you never see them.  You fight other gangs and the police, your reasoning is undetermined. However, a story might have felt tacked-on since the premise is just fighting on bikes.

Replay-ability – I never get tired of smashing people, and the extra combat options like grabbing someone and forcing them into a hazard or using a harpoon add some skill maneuvers to master.  However, when you fully level up your character and bike you might feel less excited to keep playing once the progress element is exhausted.

Time Commitment – You can pick up and play as much as you like and it takes seconds to get on the hog and swinging.

Value – The game is early access and has bugs.  There isn't a time frame published on a full release or additional updates.  I think a few more game modes, some online play, and bug fixes could make this game a solid value at 20 or even 30 bucks.  Until those come though I think the value is around 10-15 which is what I paid during the last steam sale.

Favorite Element – I love the kick attack which when timed right delivers the most satisfying eliminations, especially if you line up an oncoming vehicle.

Road Redemption is a game of extremes and it heaps on the insanity.  You can play as a flaming headed monster, and one level goes through a hallucinogenic fog so you see cars dropping from the sky and even the civilian cars are aggressive.  Capping it off, if you survive through the story mode you can race a Rainbow Road inspired course like in Mario Kart.  The game lacks some polish though and as a long gestating early access game I hope they get around to finishing it up.  The ranged weapons are very hard to aim while also driving, and you are defenseless against melee attacks.  When I try to start a game with my controller it logs me in as two players simultaneously, so I had to start as a keyboard player and change in the menu after the game starts to play properly.  I also had a few games where the AI broke and everyone drove to the side of the road and parked and you have to reboot the game.  I had a ton of fun playing the game despite the hiccups, and if you grew up on Road Rash this game will scratch an inch you haven't been able to reach in years, but I want to see the game fixed up before I would recommend it at full value.  Put this on your steam wishlist and wait for a sale to strike, or check back on updates that make this a complete product.

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