Rodea: The Sky Solider Wii U Review


  • Platform: WiiU, Wii, and 3DS
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: No
  • Retail Price: $59.99 (WiiU/Wii); $39.99 (3DS)

High Level Premise – An android with the ability to fly must save a kingdom from doom.

Graphics/Style – Dull, uninspired, last-gen graphics during gameplay; cute-ish 3D anime cutscenes and bright 2D, Nintendo DS style dialog scenes combine to create a jolting, disjointed visual experience. 

Music/Soundtrack – Forgettable. Honestly, I don’t remember. I was probably too busy gaping at the horrid controls and gameplay to notice any decent music.

Story – An interesting plot involving time travel, an android with a real heart, a daughter trying to do the right thing despite her father being a huge douche (a tyrannical douche who wants to take over the world) and some giant Shadow of the Colossus-like titan mechs. 

Replay-ability – Not much. There are some collectables to be found but nothing worth going back for besides that.

Value – This may be a difficult game for many to finish given the difficult controls and lack of interesting enemies and landscape, it can be a chore to plod through. In this case you might not get your money’s worth. 

Favorite Element – The huge mechanical Titans that bring to memory one of my favorite games Shadow of the Colossus.

      You know those moments in a Sonic the Hedgehog game when you’re flying though the air after a frantic rush through a maze of tunnels and springboards and inverted loops, that moment when you have a split second to reflect on what you had just accomplished without hitting any mechanical crabs? It’s so satisfying, it’s fulfilling, you just want to tell your mom all about it. That feeling doesn’t happen when playing Rodea: The Sky Soldier. The feelings elicited by Rodea are those of frustration and disappointment.

This would have been an amazing encounter on the Wii a few years ago!

Rodea is an android who was given a real heart by the girl he is built to protect. The girl, Cecilia, is the daughter of an evil Tyrant named Geardo whose goal is to take over the world, or something. Cecilia decides she doesn’t like tyranny and asks Rodea to use his power of flight to stop her father. You are thus thrown into a slightly-better-than-PS-two-quality landscape of green on top and grey on bottom islands floating through the sky.

Watch out for those killer cacti!

     This is where it gets sketchy. We have all dreamed of flying, right? Well in Rodea: The Sky Soldier it’s not so elegant as one would hope. You are doomed to jump, suspend, aim, readjust camera, correct course by aiming again, boost... It is frustrating and exhausting and sometimes exhilarating all at once. This is the big hang up for me. I so badly wanted this to work well in order to realize those dreams of flying but we are not so fortunate. There are some excellent moments to be had but they are few. For example, there are some large shark-like bomber planes that you must disable, these are tense encounters when you factor in the limited amount of flying time before you fall, knowing you will have to climb the tall clock tower in order to reach them again. And some of the other Boss battles are exciting as well. A huge Titan must be destroyed and you feel the giant scale of this beast as it lumbers sadly in search of its prey. This is a game that has promise in its unique gameplay style but doesn’t deliver on that front nor other fronts, namely its graphics which seem dull and uninspired.

Physical versions of Rodea include the definitive Wii version as well.

Editors Note: We were provided with the Nintendo WiiU digital key which did not include the Nintendo Wii version.  Apparently the Wii version is the "definitive version", and the WiiU version reviewed was just a port of the Nintendo 3DS title.  So our recommendation is to check out the physical copy that comes with the original Wii disc. (above)

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