Absolute Drift Review - Joy Racing to your Heart


Platform: PC
Players: 1
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: Yes
Controller Support: Yes
Retail Price: $11.99

High Level Premise – A top down racer like classics RC Pro-AM and Off-Road but with a focus on drift racing technique to complete courses and challenges

Graphics/Style – A crisp spartan style with a few colors popping out of a white/grey world

Music/Soundtrack – A zen soundtrack, sounds like something Moby would make while taking sedatives

Story – Car learns to drift and win challenges and gains enlightenment

Replay-ability – Pretty high, you can reset the levels to complete the challenges again, and like many racing games you can always try for the fastest time trial

Value – Good.  It is a unique game that can be enjoyed instantly and for a long time

Favorite Element – The satisfaction of properly drifting around a long turn and not fishtailing or spinning out get to be addictive. 

I haven't played a top down racing game since the NES and RC ProAm.  When I started I found I had to relearn the control dynamics like when you are racing down on the screen and left=right and things are a little backwards.  Then you add in drifting which involves purposefully whipping the tail of the vehicle and then counter-steering to maintain control.  So the counter-steering is counter-intuitive, and some of the top down steering is counter intuitive and I struggled to adapt for awhile.  You also have to be careful using your traditional brakes and the handbrake which produce wildly different results in slowing/swinging the car. The learning curve was tough, but satisfying.  In a traditional racer each turn isn't really that exciting but when you are executing drifts where you get points for being tight to the line and properly countersteer out of the turn and on into the straightaway it is like a mainline of joy into your arteries.  I found the silly challenges made it fun to practice your skills in manner that is more enjoyable then just failing at a turn over and over.  And those challenges fill out the game to make it feel more rich in light of the fact that the gameplay would make racing in real time against other players impossible.  Unless they made a crazy bumper car version that wasn't that harsh on smacking into each other.  Maybe that is something for the sequel.   

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