Defunct Review - Wall-E meets Downhill Racing


Platform: PC
Players: 1
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: Yes
Controller Support: Yes
Retail Price: $14.99

High Level Premise – An adventure game that is focused on momentum and traditional puzzle solving while also using many popular race mechanics to move about the level.

Graphics/Style – Almost cutesy, but with interesting terrain based on a post-human Earth.  So there is fancy futuristic locations interspersed with ruins and debris.

Music/Soundtrack – Groovy little tunes, that are befitting the adventure genre.

Story – A busted up robot is left behind on a planet by accident and needs to hustle to get back on board.

Replay-ability – The world has hidden collectibles and high scores so you can revisit the game many times if you are a completionist.

Value – At 15 bucks this is well worth the money, and even better if you can get it on sale like it is right now on Steam.

Favorite Element – Using the “Gravitize” option to race on the walls and ceiling as needed.

The robot character you take through the game used to be a racer, but his engine isn’t so great anymore.  You can use it to climb hills and attempt to maintain speed, but your primary source of speed and problem solving is by using your “Gravitize” feature which increases your gravitational pull.  When you are going downhill it will speed you up, and you want to make sure you release it when you are on flat ground or going uphill.  You can also pick up boost orbs that are similar to a Mushroom in Mario Kart.  Most levels are timed so you get points for completing quickly and the puzzles are usually self explanatory like powering up a door so that it opens to let you through, although sometimes you will be at a loss as to what you need to do next and the lack of direction can make the game a little frustrating.  I feel like I wanted to play each level twice, once to learn the objectives and another to go through it with speed.  I found this to be a pretty unique adventure game that can feel a little like an SSX title when you are racing along and collecting boost orbs, and then they hit you with a puzzle where you have to find a way to race along the ceiling to activate a switch to move to the next area.  Check out the trailer below and see if you think this title would be right for you, but I think the gems here are worth mining for and I would love to see a sequel that adds in more game dynamics to vary up the puzzles even more.

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