The Top 10 New Characters to add to Marvel Vs. Capcom

The Top 10 New Characters to add to Marvel Vs. Capcom

With the newly announced Marvel Vs Capcom fighting game they have let slip that Marvel wants to stop promoting titles outside of its complete control so characters like the X-Men, and Fantastic Four may take a back seat.  While I fully expect Wolverine who has been in every version of the game to stick around he may not have as many of his usual friends.  This opportunity will mean that we get some new blood, and Chris and I each pick our favorites to make their first appearance.  When the game was announced they revealed the first appearance of Captain Marvel, so we made our lists excluding her since she is a known player now.

Dean's Picks - I stuck with Marvel entirely and went for characters that could bring new combat types or variety to the series.

1.       Rocket and Groot – I think this should be a combo character.  Groot by himself is too slow and Rocket by himself is too weak.  Combined they would be a fun addition to the game.  Rocket sporting some oversized guns, Groot stretching out like Dhalsim to strike, this character would be a lot of fun and would add some new dynamics to the game. (Note- Rocket was in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I am ignoring this because I pitched a dual character and because it suits me)

2.       Star-Lord – Another Guardian of the Galaxy and since he is more or less the leader it makes sense to include him.  I think the magnet grenades he used in the first movie could be a great addition to the game, and you could have him dance after the match to taunt the next opponent. 

3.       Black Widow – She is the glue of many of the Marvel movies, and I think a quick and agile fighter who also has ranged weapons could be pretty versatile. 

4.       Black Panther – This would be a chance to add another game play style that could be interesting.  I think the leaping ability and melee combat for a character that is excellent at springing in to attack and then out of harm’s way might be an interesting addition to the collection of characters and Black Panther would make sense with an upcoming movie to promote next year.

5.       Loki – The game could use more villains and Loki as a trickster could bring some new nonsense into play like a special that makes the other character’s controls randomize or flip flop for a time.  Maybe his illusion power makes multiple versions of him attack and move about the screen.  He is wildly popular and frankly I am surprised he hasn’t been added yet. 

6.       Nebula – Another female character, another villain (although it seems she might be good-ish in the next Guardians movie) and her robotic inhuman twisting could be unique to the game.  How many characters can quickly make their back their front?  I can imagine animators having fun creating strange contortionist strikes for her.

7.       Sandman – You need at least one Spidey villain and I think instead of throwing out Venom again we go with the classic Sandman.  His sand "shaped" attacks are perfect for a cartoonish button masher such as this. 

8.       Black Bolt – The Inhumans are Marvel’s new answer to the X-Men and they are trying to supplant them since they will likely never get the movie rights back from Fox.  This is a chance to get people to love their leader who has typical super strength and agility and can scream you to death.  He also has a dog who can teleport, and most people seem to like dogs for some reason. 

9.       Ultron – A decent villain character that can replace the Sentinels we enjoyed in the past which are sadly linked to the X-Men.  Perhaps he can summon those Iron Man suit drones to mix things up. 

10.   Scarlet Witch – She wields chaos magic, let’s work that angle to death.  That may be difficult to work with in movies where they gave her pink force powers which I imagine they would use here as well, but a power that makes a random event (usually bad) happen to the bad guy trying to attack you could be very interesting.  Like they try to jump kick and get struck by a flying bird, or gravity changes and they fall to the floor like a ton of bricks, or every great once in a awhile they explode ending the match.  Creative use of Scarlet Witch could be amazing. 

Chris' Picks

1.      Apocalypse – Quite possibly one of the most dangerous Marvel villains of all time. Apocalypse shows no remorse, and can form his body into almost any shape and size. Special move could be either growing really tall or summoning the four horsemen. He has never been playable in a Marvel vs. Capcom game, although he was in the older X-men fighting games.

2.       Bishop – Now this is a personal favorite of mine, I think Bishop is one of the coolest Marvel characters out there. He can absorb kinetic energy and then fire it back (preferably through a weapon) automatically towards an enemy. He would serve well as a very defensive character. For his special, he should brand a giant gun that has a huge pink energy blast that emits from it.

3.       Carnage – A true maniac, and one of the creepiest Spider-man villains out there. Why would he not be in a fighting game?

4.       Dr. Octopus – Similar to a Dhalsim, the tentacle arms could stretch and perform special moves from a distance, another defensive type character.

5.      Vision – There are so many potential variations due to all of the costume changes Vision has had over the years. Would make for a great rapid-style character, a rival of Ultron. Plus who doesn’t like playing as a ultra-powerful android?

6.       Punisher – Oh come on, why hasn’t Punisher been playable in Marvel vs. Capcom? His special should include a giant arsenal of awesome weapons which are all fired at you at the same time.

7.       Balrog – Balrog is quite memorable as he is built like a tank, but cannot jump very high or kick at all. A unique playing-style for sure, but if you get in close with Balrog, you are going to feel the pain!

8.       Blanka – He has to be one of the most iconic Street Fighter II characters of all time. In fact, he is on most of the covers of the game. His entire appearance and move set screams Marvel vs. Capcom 2, it makes no sense that he has not been included yet.

9.       Guts Man – Another villain from the Mega Man universe is needed. There are hundreds of enemies to choose from, but I feel that Guts Man is the most suited for the job. A real wrecking machine, this construction robot can lift almost anything and throw it at his opponent. Special move has to be the giant Guts Dozer that flies across the screen.

10.   Moon Knight – This would be an excellent acrobatic character which could rival some of the quicker characters like Chun Li. Also because Dean didn’t put him on his list and he should have since he is his favorite Marvel character of all time. (Chris is being hyperbolic but I do love Moon Knight)

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