Dice Masters: Doctor Strange Team Pack Review

Dice Masters: Doctor Strange Team Pack Review

Just in time for the movie to be released Wizkids drops a Dicemasters expansion adding many of the movie’s characters to your existing sets.  This set is unlike the TMNT set which was playable all by itself, it is much cheaper but only comes with 16 dice (mostly heroes) and 24 cards with no action cards.  It is possible that future sets might use this format since so many full starter sets exist and if you collect them all as I have you start to drown in sidekick and action dice you can’t possibly use.  Or maybe it puts a premium on buying the collector’s set, as in the past you wouldn’t always want to buy both the starter and the collector as there would be some redundancy.  And again despite tying in with a movie that is expected to be very popular all of the characters are based on the comic versions so Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton’s likenesses will not be represented.  I will say upfront that I found it odd that a set that heavily incorporates action dice doesn’t come with any, but there are some clear strategies that incentivize using these cards together. 

This set includes 3 Cards for each character and 2 dice.  Unless these characters are included in the next set you may need to buy the set twice if you want the max dice. 

  • Doctor Strange
  • The Ancient One
  • Clea
  • Wong
  • Eye of Agamotto
  • Mindless Ones
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Dormammu

So let’s break down the cards.


First, I love Wong, he has a cheap purchase price and acting as a sidekick in the field or “Ally” can fit many strategies.  The 2 cost that also features “Fast” action is probably the most universally helpful. 

Doctor Strange himself can make acquiring action dice easier, and if paired with some of his allies in this set action dice can be pretty devastating. 

Clea will work well with teams that build on Lightning energy types, I especially love the 3 damage you can deal with her “Flames of Regency” card.  If you make an anti-Mystic team you will likely need the Hydra affiliated Clea, Dormammu, or the Ancient One.  

Dormammu is a powerful character built to counter teams that rely on Action dice which many in this set do.

Mindless Ones is a cheaper henchmen type card.  The 2 cost hurting you to field is a bummer, might be better to use it to get more “Fist” energy into your rolls. I would probably focus on the card that regenerates them so they are perpetually annoying your foe.

Scarlet Witch makes it easier to get your action dice in your hands, but sometimes it comes with a price like on her 3 cost where you have a 50% chance of getting an action or taking 2 damage.

Eye of Agamotto buffs your action dice usage in different ways, and I can see some strategies loving the global so they can put purchased actions right into their bag so they get it out much faster. 


The Ancient One seems like a disappointing 7 cost character.  You can build a strategy around it, but there are so many more useful options at that price point from previous sets.  Since the Doctor is a 6-7 cost himself you may not often pair these two anyway. 

So what do you think?  Will you be buying 2 sets so you can have 4 Wong dice and ensure you can play max dice for any character you love?

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