Headmaster - PlayStation 4 PSVR Review

Headmaster - PlayStation 4 PSVR Review

PlayStation VR
Sony Computer Entertainment


Quick Glance

•    Platform: PSVR
•    Players – 1
•    Achievements – Yes, trophies
•    Retail Price - $19.99 

High Level Premise – VR Soccer head ball simulator

Graphics/Style – 3D semi-realistic

Music/Soundtrack – N/A

Story – Improve your Soccer game as you undergo intense training at the Football Improvement Center

Replay-ability – Moderately High, 3 star ranking system among each level

Time Commitment – Minimal, Headmaster offers an active save system for on & off progress

Value – Moderate, Headmaster offers a unique head-mechanic only possible through VR

Favorite Element – The game becomes increasingly unpredictable as you go along\

In addition to targets, Headmaster often contains highly destructible environments

Sean says:  As a new technology, VR is bringing a number of new experiences to the table. Many of these coming to us in the form of mini games, tech demos, or even pint-sized experiences - all of which serve as a means of offering new and different ways to use this somewhat foreign tech.  Headmaster fits the bill with its unique head-tracking dependent controls, giving players a new form of active movement opportunity among gaming. 

Headmaster sends the player to Football Improvement Centre, which is essentially a Soccer head ball simulation practice academy.  The game has the player aiming to hit a number of targets & obstacles throughout each level, all in the attempt to earn a high score to unlock further levels of play. The difficulty feels a bit overwhelming at first, although things become more bearable as soon as the new method of control clicks with the player. 

Headmaster is loaded with humor, never once does it take itself too seriously

This leads to the biggest downfall with Headmaster. The motion of leaning back, followed by swinging forward led to a nauseating feeling after just a few short levels.  I should also disclose that at the time of this review, half of the games that I played led to motion sickness after just a short while, placing myself in the upper percentile of those who have a harder time adjusting to VR gaming as a whole. Perhaps this isn't an inherent flaw within the game, but it needs to be said for those who are more susceptible to motion sickness. 
Not all is doom and gloom, however.  The game refuses to take itself too serious at any given time.  The levels are loaded with humor, making it impossible for the player to guess what’s in store for them next.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as this sense of unpredictability is partially what keeps you coming back for more, as you wonder how nutty the game can actually get.  Without divulging too much information, the pictures attached to this review can give you a taste of what’s in store early on in the game

Robert has a tendency to startle you when you least expect it

I really like Headmaster..... It's refreshing to get experiences of its kind that allow you to experiment with ideas that haven't been done before in gaming.  Its wit & humor gives it the kind of charm that’s deliberately there to make you smile. The game features lush environments that contain surprises at every corner.  Should you avoid with caution due to one reviewers experience with motion sickness?  Definitely not, unless you have a shaky history with VR.   Is it the go-to app to show off your new PlayStation VR to friends and family?  Maybe.  Is it worth getting for a novelty experience that you’ve never had before?  All day long.

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/headmaster-ps4/ Headmaster is available NOW on the Playstation Store. Visit headmastergame.com for more info.
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