Planar Conquest Review – A patchwork of mediocrity

Planar Conquest Review – A patchwork of mediocrity


  • Platform: PC, Apple Store, Google Play
  • Players – 1
  • Achievements – Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards - Yes
  • Controller Support - Yes
  • Retail Price - $24.99 on Steam, $8.99 on mobile with in-game purchases

High Level Premise – 4X style strategy

Graphics/Style – Crisp, clean, and, somewhat generic.

Music/Soundtrack – Epic fantasy excitement.

Story – You control a mighty Sorcerer Lord waging war against your rivals across multiple planes of existence.

Replay-ability – I imagine the ability to customize each playthrough and the variety of worlds would allow high replayability but I wouldn't know since every minute playing felt like a chore.

Time Commitment –  Like any 4X style game this can be a huge time investment, but there's no real story driving it so it's pretty easy to jump on and off in your free time, playing a little here and there.

Value – Overpriced on Steam and more reasonable on mobile but be mindful of those Micro-transactions

Favorite Element – There are a TON of options in the game. Multiple worlds, various magic spells, heroes, magic items, there is a lot going on!

While searching online to find some sort of “how to play” guide for this game, I found out that it was the port of a mobile game. The fact that I was getting ready to spend hours playing a souped up mobile game was the second of two warnings for me. The first warning was that I actually had to spend time looking for a tutorial online rather than just following an in game one. I'm getting ahead of myself though; let’s start with a little background on the game in question.

Planar Conquest
Wastelands Interactive

Planar Conquest is a 4X style game set in a fantasy world. In case you don't know, 4X games where you eXpand, eXploit, eXplore, and most of all, eXterminate (the classic Civilization series being the best example of the genre). There's a plethora of options in this game. You've got heroes, city upgrades, magic items, spells, and of course we can't forget the titular planes. In this game there are multiple planes of existence in the universe and it's your job to conquer them all, at least I think it is, the game doesn't make it very clear how to win.

Actually the game doesn't really make anything clear. Earlier I mentioned that I had to search online for a tutorial. That's because the game doesn't have anything in game to teach you. There is what amounts to an in-game manual but in a game with so much going on it's very hard to learn by reading through a dry manual. Also leaving out victory conditions seems like a bad idea.

This game looks nice and has all the pieces of a good game but nothing really works and the individual tasks are joyless and mundane. It's like they just took parts from a bunch of similar games and threw them together. The multiple worlds thing could be cool twist to the 4X genre but the game itself is such a chore that it doesn't really make a difference. All in all I'd say to avoid this unless it was  deeply discounted or if you are a huge 4X fan. If you’re looking for a fantastic, fantasy themed, indie 4X game, I'd suggest Endless Legend.

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