Metroid Rotated - Looking at Samus from a different angle

Super Metroid became an instant classic when it was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system in 1993. Since then there have been numerous sequels and spin-offs, some great (Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime) and some not so good (Metroid: Other M). Some very talented programmers over at have hacked Super Metroid to flip the entire world on a 90-degree angle while Samus still retains her standard orientation.

This makes for some very unique platforming and breathes new life into an old classic. The game is for advanced Metroid players only, as it requires a lot of wall jumping and Some of the puzzle objects had to be removed due to being impossible to overcome, but most of the game is still in tact.  Take a look at the pictures and video of this amazing hack below, and make sure you check out to learn more about this hack and how to acquire it.

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