Super Mario Bros. Hot Wheels cars - Collecting, Unboxing, and Review

Super Mario Bros. Hot Wheels cars - Collecting, Unboxing, and Review


I noticed on Twitter last Fall that Hot Wheels had partnered with Nintendo to create a six car series in their Pop Culture line of vehicles to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros.  However, obtaining these at retail became very difficult quickly.  Next Gen Dave and I scoured many Walmart, Target, Toys 'R Us, Gamestop, Walgreens and other local stores to acquire two full sets (one for him and one for me.)  This took us about a month and a half to collect them all.  I will say that our best luck was found initially at Wal-mart, and then at GameStop.  Even then, only certain GameStop stores seem to carry these vehicles, and are unavailable to purchase on their website. You can find these on Amazon, but be prepared to pay a premium.

The first thing about the vehicles you will notice is that every car comes with packaging that represents the original artwork from each respective game. This is a nice touch for collectors, as these even in the package look beautiful on the shelf.  Each car is a previous Hot Wheels model that is custom painted to honor a game in the Super Mario Bros. universe.  On the back of the packaging there is a checklist featuring all six cars in the series. Out of the package, the quality of each car is of the highest standard. The paint jobs are incredible (as are most of the specialty Hot Wheels vehicles), and they have a decent weight to them.  They feel really durable, and worth every penny of the retail price of $3.99.

My favorite car out of the bunch has to be the original Super Mario Bros. It is the only car in the series to feature the original pixels and sprites from the Goomba stomping classic. The other vehicles are very nice as well, featuring different artwork on both sides from each game. Out of the six, my least favorite is the Super Mario Bros. 2 car.  Something about it just seems off. I can tell they were trying to tap into the color of the logo's shadow, but it just seems different than the rest. I much would have liked a scene from the actual game, or maybe a different color scheme.  Overall, I am glad to finally own all six 30th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. Limited edition Hot Wheels cars as these make a great addition to my Super Mario Bros. collection. If you are a fan of Mario like we are, make sure you grab these quick before they speed away!  Check out our unboxing and review videos of all six Super Mario Hot Wheels cars below:

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