Rebuild 3:Gangs of Deadsville Review

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville 


  • Platform: PC/Mac/Steam, iOS, Android
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes
  • Retail Price: $14.99

High Level Premise – Rebuild and flourish among the undead hordes in this strategy simulation game.

Graphics/Style – Cartoony art with a dark playful look.  

Music/Soundtrack – A bit repetitive but a generic rock sound.

Story – Your created character builds up colonies by making friends and stomping zombies.  The majority of the story is finding out more about your companions.  

Replay-ability – High, the game has a lot of random encounters and after beating the story if you want more you can make custom maps for yourself to conquer.

Value – I think it would take about 30 hours for the main story mode, and at 15 bucks I think that is a strong value. If you stick around for the extra features or to play through on a harder difficulty you will be well pleased.

Favorite Element - The character backstories and random encounters have some good humor to them, I appreciated the writing which kept you from just clicking past the story to get back to building.

When I first played Dead Rising I fell in love with the game, but I felt that the perfect version of that game would be adding some resource management where you can clear out an area of zombies and reclaim the area as part of your ever expanding "safe zone".  Rebuild 3 is the other half of my perfect zombie game. Like Civilization and other good Sim games you get addicted and before you know it hours have passed by while you expanded your kingdom and resources. The dark humor present in the game makes the unique characters more enjoyable and you also have to make some strange morally ambiguous decisions that may not turn out like you imagined.  Each city has you starting with a few survivors as you scout out the area, clear the zombies, scavenge for items, and then add the quadrant to your settlement.  Different blocks of terrain have varying rewards like food production from farms and defense bonuses for Police Stations.  As you expand you have more hordes of zombies to contend with, as well as other factions of survivors, and you still have to keep your people happy, safe, and fed.  By the time you feel like you have dominated an area it is time to move on to the next city to start over with a few more perks and your favorite companions at your side.  While this is the third entry in the series you do not need to play the previous two and this is the only one available on Steam.  Check out the trailer below and then add this game to your library or Steam wishlist or check out the mobile version to play on the go.

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