Loot Crate - Gaming Edition Coming Soon

Down at Pax South the people behind Loot Crate announced a gaming edition of their popular "rando box of items" monthly subscription.  Facing some competition from upstart loot boxes like 1up and NerdBlock it makes sense they would step in a take back their market share.    Loot Crate will continue to deliver a monthly wearable but it rumored to diversify beyond just shirts which I would imagine would be mostly hats since they have similar value and would fit in the box.  The crates will cost 25 dollars a month, so a little more expensive but if you love gaming swag and especially exclusive items which Loot Crate has been good at procuring this is the box for you. 

For you Browncoats, they also announced a Firefly box that will be every other month.  I love that show and world, but I can't imagine they won't be scraping the bottom of the barrel a few months in to that cycle.  

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