Fatal Frame - The Movie (Anyone Seen It?)

I was a big fan of the Fatal Frame games which are probably the best horror games to be released on consoles next to Silent Hill.  They were so scary I couldn't play them alone and I honestly struggled to even handle the controller and served as a guide for my braver friend George who would work that confounded vibrating controller that brought you face to face with ghosts. Many years ago Mr. Spielberg of Jaws and Jurassic Park fame bought the rights to adapt the game into a movie and I was filled with joy at the idea, but then nothing happened.  For years.  I forgot about the dream of seeing a high quality film version of one of my favorite games but yesterday I found out a movie was made in Japan and released in 2014, and I can't find out much information on it and whether or not it is good.

Fatal Frame was renamed Zero but clearly shows the game's influence in the synopsis.

Michi a student in a conservative all-girls school, must resolve the mysterious disappearances and deaths of her fellow classmates after they found an intriguing but haunting photo of Aya, the best singer of class, who apparently is being held locked in her room, physically but not spiritually... A death curse is placed on anyone who sees Aya's photo, which seems to be taken with a "Camera Obscura" . Michi, with the help of her photography skills, might stop it before the spirit of Aya takes her life too and spreads to many more in & outside of the school.

The movie on IMDB has a 5.6 rating which isn't bad for the horror genre which tends to score lower on the site. Amazon which sells the movie doesn't have a single review.  I find that my curiosity has me debating buying the film sight unseen.  I will try to find a way to see the film, but in case any other Fatal Frame fans are out there I will post a review once I pull it off.  It might be terrible, which would explain why I haven't heard about it...but I have to know.

Zero (Japanese Movie w. English Sub - All Region DVD Version)
Starring Nakajo Ayami, Morikawa Aoi, Kojima Fujiko, Miyama Karen, Yamaya Kasumi

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