Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PS4
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes; Trophies
  • Retail Price: $59.99

High Level Premise – Traditional Tactical SRPG

Graphics/Style – stays true to previous games within the series, SRPG artistically among environment & character design.  Funny and whimsical writing! 

Music/Soundtrack – Charming modern day Japanese RPG sounds.

Story – Help Killia and his gang of rebels seek vengeance on the Overlord “Void Dark”

Replay-ability – Plenty to do for the perfectionist and those looking for completion.

Time Commitment – 100+ hours, while the time commitment can be daunting, being a tactical SRPG allows for the player to pick up and go in short installments.

Value – There is a lot of game to be had for $60 in this package.  Perfect for those who enjoy the grind throughout the story and post-game.

Favorite Element – Progressing & devising new tactics to become more efficient at the game.

NIS has done an exceptional job with the writing (and localization) within Disgaea 5.

Sean: Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is tactical JRPG done right.  The sheer amount of content in this package, while a bit overwhelming at first glance (and for new-comers), never provides a dull moment.  As always, this installment is inviting to newcomers, as the stories within the Disgaea universe do not typically mix.  At the same time, there is plenty here for the veterans, including familiar gameplay mechanics, with a few new changes, for the better.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to experience a number of great SRPGs, including Tactics Ogre, Rainbow Moon, and installments within the Final Fantasy Tactics universe.  Not too far back, I was dangerously close to picking up the series from the beginning with the PSP installments.  While this never panned out, I am grateful for the ease of access that Disgaea 5 provides for the player.  Ultimately, the game is super helpful for the first timer to the series, with careful attention among tutorials and explanations of new mechanics.     

Highly animated combo attacks add intensity to battles throughout the game.

Gareth: I had a blast getting into Disgaea for my very first time.  I can see how a game like this keeps fans coming back again and again with so much to do.  For me however, the so much to do part was what turned me off a bit.  Before I set the internet on fire with people thinking things like “Too much to do!? Go play Call of Duty you n00b.” I mean it in the most positive way possible.  The problem is that I am not in junior high school anymore where a new game had to last me for months on end.  While writing this I decided to look at my preorders and see The Division, Uncharted 4, and Mighty No. 9.  I also have a backlog of games, some of which may never see the light of day.  So from this wonderful problem, Disgaea is a game with too much content for me. 

Even though it was my first time playing a Disgaea title, it still felt totally accessible.  I am more than familiar with turn-based tactical RPG gameplay and this game is a perfect fit.  However, as I unlocked certain stores within the game, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.  For the veteran this may be very exciting, but for me I got the “Oh man, how does this work?” feeling a few times.  Once I went through and saw what a particular gameplay element was all about, I would feel better.  The issue was I knew I was only scratching the surface seeing as how deep the gameplay mechanics of this title can get.  With that being said, these do not prevent a new player from progressing or enjoying the game in any way.

This is a game that I am going to be keeping on my hard drive to play here and there.  For me it is a game that I can pick up and progress through a few missions, save, and leave to come back to later.

There is plenty to do in Item World.

Gameplay Mechanics are solid in Disgaea 5.

A few things I would like to point out:

  • Turn on Auto-save!  It is not on from the start, and that could end up setting you back pretty far if you forget to save then get a game over.
  •  I loved the option for being able to set the language to Japanese.  Seeing as how I have lived in Japan for the past ten years, it was more enjoyable for me to hear the jokes as they were supposed to be told.
  • The controls become quicker and easier to manipulate the more you play.  I know the first five hours I played were very different from the next five.  I was running into bigger battles but finishing them quicker.

If you are looking for a game to engross you for over a hundred hours or just some fun tactical RPG gameplay from time to time, I can’t recommend Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance more.  It actually had me searching to see what the discounts were on some of the older games in the series to experience the entire Disgaea universe.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be arriving in North America and Europe October 2015, exclusively for the PlayStation®4! About the game: The sixth home console entry to the legendary Disgaea series tells a tale of revenge, and of rebellion.

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