Mighty No. 9 delayed AGAIN!?!

Okay, is this game ever coming out?  Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor Mega Man has had the most press of any indie game that I can remember in recent years. Kenji Infune, the brains behind Mega Man and this title has been touting how good this title will be ever since the initial Kickstarter. The funny thing is, the campaign was so successful, raising over $3.8 million but almost every single article that mentions this title is negative.  Maybe it's drama with an artist on the team, or maybe it's negativity to how the game looks, or maybe, just maybe, it's delayed again.  I understand they are working from the ground up on this, but it's Infune. He has been involved in more Mega Man games than I have appendages on my body. The game has been delayed several times since the Kickstarter was presented back in 2013.

With that being said, I really want to play Mighty No. 9, as I am a huge fan of Infune's work. I have played most Mega Man games, and own most of the older titles.  I think what the Mighty No. 9 team needs to do now is release some GOOD press.  Show us some more videos, show us some cool bosses, and show us some cool weapons!  Show the public what made them excited to support this title in the first place, a resurgence of some of the greatest games ever.

Oh and Capcom, don't think you aren't getting a mention here. Don't you see how much heart and soul your Mega Man fans have? I love that you are porting the older titles into the Legacy Collection this Spring. The special edition with the Gold Mega Man Amiibo was a nice touch. But let's be honest. We want a new game! I won't even be picky. It can be Mega Man 11, Mega Man X9, another Mega Man Zero game, or heck even Mega Man Soccer 2! It's been way too long since new material has been created for the blue bomber. It's time to bring Mega Man back! Don't wait on Mighty No. 9 sale numbers, you have four million reasons to put out a new game. Mega Man is loved around the globe, and we are ready to drop some coin for another robot blasting adventure.

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