Super Mario Maker - We show you where to get the swag!

Super Mario Maker comes out THIS FRIDAY. The game currently holds an 89 out of 100 on Metacritic, and looks to be one of the must-have games of this year. We took an in-depth look on this title last week, but where can you get the swag? Several companies are offering a variety of pre-order bonuses, all exclusives to their respective stores. is offering a really cool Super Mario Maker poster, featuring the history of all of the major Super Mario video games that have released.  I plan on picking this up, most Gamestop stores have extra posters laying around after release. Just ask nicely, and see if they are willing to let you have one.

Best Buy is doing an interesting deal, if you preorder two select video games you will receive a limited edition Super Mario Maker 30th anniversary pin set. Super Mario Maker can be part of this deal, as well as other excellent titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tri-force Heroes. These look to be pretty awesome, hopefully these won't be too hard to find later on down the road.

Target is offering a Super Mario Maker puzzle cube when you preorder the game in store. Similar to the Splatoon water gun, this can also be purchased separately for $5.00. This is pretty neat, I never expected this to be a "thing" but here it is, and I want it.

Finally, if you are in Australia, you can preorder Super Mario Maker from EB Games, and receive a retro-themed Super Mario Maker magnet set.  This is pretty cool, I hope something similar comes to the US. Maybe I will grab this on eBay later on down the road!

Does none of this interest you? Well as reported before, Amazon is offering $10.00 off of the purchase of the game to Prime members when you preorder the game. Savings are reflected when you check out.

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