Super Mario Maker - An in-depth look (Plus a $10 discount!)


We previously featured Super Mario Maker at the Best Buy E3 event last June. Since then, many videos and additional information has surfaced.  After playing the game at the E3 event, I was sure I would eventually pick this game up some day. However, the more I read, see, and watch of this game it is now a must have launch day release.

Super Mario Maker gives players the ability to create their own Mario levels to play through, and allows to upload and share with other players across the globe.  The neat thing is Nintendo could have totally phoned this in, but instead we get a host of goodies to mess around with in our levels.  Things that were presumed "impossible" for a Mario game like Bullet Bill cannons that spit out coins instead of baddies, or a Bowser with a Chain-Chomp attached are all possible within Super Mario Maker.  The game uses four templates, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. It's easy to switch styles while designing, and the game does not seem to overwhelm the user, but slowly unlocks all tools found within the game.

We also mentioned that Amiibo support would be coming to Super Mario Maker. When an Amiibo is placed on the gamepad, that character will appear in the Super Mario Bros. theme and be unlocked to play as in the future. Nintendo also features 10 and 100 man challenges, which pit you against a random selection of levels from creations from other players. If you want to spoil it, you can view all of the possible characters to play with here:

I look forward to creating levels for my friends and sharing different creations that I can imagine.  Eventually, I hope Nintendo would release more tile sets as DLC to improve even further on Super Mario Maker.  Lets get some more Super Mario Bros. 2 characters in there!  Oh, and if you have not preordered already you should head over to as Amazon Prime members automatically save $10.00 off of the retail price of $59.99 when you check out.

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