Halo Wars 2 Coming to Xbox One and PC

Controlling Master Chief has always been the highlight of playing a Halo game. He is a one-man force in the UNSC army that usually can barrel through any foe. However, Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment wondered, what would it feel like to control the entire UNSC forces. In 2009, Halo Wars was released for Xbox 360, allowing the player to control Spartans, Warthog vehicles and more to defeat the forces of the covenant. Gone are the run & gun approaches of the primary Halo series, now strategy was necessary to win.  I was initially very hesitant of picking this one up, as controlling a RTS game with a controller seemed very odd to me, since I have always used a mouse and keyboard.  However the controls were very intuitive, and the gameplay was fun. My friend Dave in Wisconsin and I played over Xbox Live many nights formulating strategies over our headsets to find ways to take down Elite soldiers and complete objectives.

Halo Wars for Xbox 360

At GamesCom, Microsoft surprised everyone with a teaser trailer for Halo Wars 2 coming to Xbox One and PC. Not too much is known outside of the announcement trailer below, but we do know that Creative Assembly who have developed the hit Sega Total War series is in charge this time around. I have complete faith that Creative Assembly will provide us an excellent sequel to Halo Wars. Slated for a release in Fall 2016, this is one we will be keeping a close eye on, and will bring you more updates as the game progresses.  For now, get your Halo Wars fix by picking up a copy of the original 360 disc cheap, which will most likely be backwards compatible when Microsoft updates the system this Fall. If you haven't checked this game out, do yourself a favor. Gamestop currently has the game for $9.99 used in stores and online, and Amazon has brand new copies available for $18.

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