Two New Nintendo 3DS systems announced

Nintendo has announced that two additional versions of their New 3DS system will be released this Fall. First up is the first American release of a standard size Nintendo 3DS. Previously, nothing but the "XL" version has shown up on store shelves. The Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer bundle will include a standard size New 3DS system, two interchangeable face plates, a full game download of the Animal Crossing game, and an Amiibo Animal Crossing card to use within the game. This bundle will release on September 29th and will retail for $219.99. The Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer New Nintendo 3DS is currently available for preorder on

In addition, Nintendo also announced that another New 3DS XL system will be released this Fall.  Previously this year, Nintendo had a smash success with the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL system, with it immediately selling out in stores within a day or two.  Now Nintendo has announced that another Zelda-themed New 3DS XL is coming, the Gamestop Exclusive Hyrule Gold Edition.  This system will release on October 30th and retail for $199.99. The system is currently sold out online, but still may be available to preorder in store. This one most likely will end up with the same fate as the Majora's Mask system, selling on the second-hand market for more than retail.

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