Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Review

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

•    PLATFORM: PC / Mac
•    PLAYERS: 1

Coincidentally, this is exactly how I defeat the Dust Bunnies in my house.

Coincidentally, this is exactly how I defeat the Dust Bunnies in my house.

High Level Premise – A remake of the original Letter Quest, create words with the tiles provided, defeat bad guys, receive gems. Use gems for upgrading your character, attack, defense, and bonuses for using certain word types (ie double consonant.)

Graphics/Style - Modern basic art style, colors are crisp and not distracting from the overall game. Customize the tiles and character with unlocking upgrades.

Music / Sound Effects – The sound is basic background noise, does not distract from gameplay. The original soundtrack is also available if you would like to switch. The effects are decent, but nothing that is going to make or break the game.

Story – Use words as a weapon to help Grimm and Rose defeat ghosts, monsters and other baddies! 

Replay-ability – Even restarting a mission brings new tiles into play with new words to create every time.  Every area has different stars to earn, some by time trials, or increasing the difficulty in the level. Endless mode is also an option in this new version, allowing for as much word creation as you would like.

Time Commitment – Levels within story mode usually consist of 2-3 enemies which could take as little as 10 minutes. You can save your game after every level.

Value – It's a great deal, especially with the current promotion that if you currently own the original game, you are upgraded automatically to the new version.

Multiplayer - None.

Favorite Element – Every so often you enter in a bonus round which essentially is Hangman. This is a great break during the standard story mode game. Also, there are letter tiles that can grant bonuses, and enemies can cause havoc by poisoning or ruining letter tiles in your bank.

Wait, I know this one! It's Zarnation!

Wait, I know this one! It's Zarnation!

I am a sucker for word games, even if I am not the best Scrabble or Boggle player. Bacon Bits and Digerati have done a wonderful job bringing Letter Quest into the Unity platform and a world of high-definition graphics. Gameplay is easily addictive, I found myself wanting to play just one more round or get just one more upgrade. Then testing said upgrade on just one more round!  I love the upgrade and bonuses aspect of the game. This makes you want to try different word creation strategies such as only using the four corner tiles, or using as many of the letter "e" in a word as possible. Overall, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered is a great way to challenge your brain while still having a bunch of fun along the way. Highly recommended.

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