Streets of Fury EX Review

Streets of Fury EX

•    PLAYERS: 1-4

High Level Premise – Side-Scrolling Beat em up like Streets of Rage with higher combo possibilities and more humor.

Graphics/Style - Like the classic Pit Fighter it has real actors animating the various moves

Music / Sound Effects – A classic driving rocking soundtrack that is befitting the genre.

Story – Paris has a gang problem, you are the solution

Replay-ability – There are a lot of game modes to explore and there are a ton of unlockable features and characters to inspire you to keep playing.  

Time Commitment – Several modes can be played in short spurts, but the story mode you will want to set time aside for to try to beat it in one sitting..

Value – Beat em up games in general are one of the most replayable genres, and good iterations come out so seldom.  The last one I played and beat was the Scott Pilgrim game a few years ago.  If you grew up on classic arcade beat em up games this is a fun new addition.

Multiplayer - Up to 4 players can slug it out on screen locally, no online modes.

Favorite Element – Stringing together combos gets to be addicting, and I like trying out the different characters to see how well I can perform with them.  

Not the teal gang!

Not the teal gang!

I tend to be more of a button masher with this sort of game, but I found that Streets of Fury EX made it easy to scale up my skills to string together long chains of satisfying mayhem.   I did better with the characters with more speed as more of the bad guys you battle are good at interrupting your carefully crafted combos if you are slow but perhaps more powerful.  With 15 characters to play with you can certainly squeeze a ton of hours of gameplay from the title which makes it a worthy purchase for the asking price.  Check out the playable demo on Steam if you want to sample the gameplay or just buy it and get knee deep in some gangland warfare.  

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