The Batmobile - Arkham Knight undone

Arkham Knight is a great game, and I applaud Rocksteady for not pumping out a simple sequel and trying to add something new to the series.  However, the Batmobile when not being used to solve a puzzle is a nightmare.  The battle mode is extremely tiresome and unlike any vehicular combat known to modern or ancient warfare.  And the chase sequences are among the worst moments in the game as you realize the Batmobile is the worst driving feature in a game since the Mako in the first Mass Effect that struggled to drive or battle and was taken out of the sequels.  In a chase the Batmobile is neither fast, nor maneuverable and couldn't reliably take down a half charged Prius fleeing through the city.  Pick any of the negative reviews of the game and they are all caught up on the driving and how we wish it was optional.

I am often a completionist with my favorite games and hunting down every last Riddler trophy and conquering every mission was my intention when I bought Arkham Knight.  I squeezed every last drop of gameplay out of the first two games (Asylum, City) but for this game I have decided after screaming at my TV last night that I am done with any story-lines that revolve around that infernal Batmobile.  So Firefly, you may continue to light the city on fire.  I am turning a blind eye to you, because chasing you down just isn't worth my frustration.  All the bombs planted in the ground that the Batmobile needs to defuse?  Well, I recommend staying clear of those areas, because I am going to let them explode.  If you are in trouble in Gotham, I am going to swoop in and save you.  Unless the bad guys get in a vehicle, then you are on your own.

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