RETSNOM Review - A reflection on a unique puzzler


Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PC / Mac
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards:  Yes
  • Controller Support: Full
Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Get me to that green block before I fall.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Get me to that green block before I fall.

High Level Premise - It's a puzzler where you flip the level environment like a mirror, several different types of mirrors unlock as the game progresses. Get all door pieces, the key, and open the door to exit the level.

Graphics/Style -  It's a very gloomy setting, but it compliments the story well. Don't expect anything super bright or cheerful.

Music / Sound Effects - The music is very dark, and coincides with the "death" theme of the game. It's very haunting, but again works well with the story. The monster sound effect screams are my favorite.

Story - You need to save your daughter as she as contracted a zombie virus. Somewhere in the laboratory is a machine that can supposedly heal her. You need to use the power of refection to navigate through the maze.

Replay-ability - There are extras to be found in each level like a pink stuffed animal that your daughter left behind. After completing a level, the game allows you to go back and try to find all of the secrets in each area.

Time Commitment - Some puzzles I navigated through quickly (Less than 5 minutes), others racked my brain for over 20 minutes. Your game can be saved after completing a level.

Value - For the entry price of $4.99, Puzzlers will definitely be able to find value in this title. I feel like if this title were priced higher, that I would only recommend it to those seeking a challenge.

Multiplayer - N/A

Favorite Element - Flipping the mirror at the precise time an enemy walks in front of the wall and gets squashed.

A little closer, let me show you my friend the wall!

A little closer, let me show you my friend the wall!

RETSNOM is developed by SOMI breathes life into a dying puzzle genre. Players are able to manipulate the entire level environment to accomplish the simple goal of collecting objects and reaching the door. The mirror manipulation is what drives the gameplay, and it will take some mastery to move efficiently throughout each level.  I feel that the game has a steep difficulty curve, and that getting into RETSNOM will be a definite challenge for some gamers. The controls are a bit sticky, once you flip the environment, you are somewhat committed until the blocks totally take shape. This can cause for some unwanted deaths quite easily.  Speaking of which, death seems to be the overall theme of the game, and you can tell that bad things are going to happen quickly. I found that the story gives just enough information on the situation that will make you say "just one more level" to find out what will happen next. Overall, I recommend this game due to the unique gameplay that I cannot remember being featured in any other game that I have played.

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