Gaming and Journalistic Integrity

If you have been reading our site for awhile you may have seen that all of our reviews are favorable of the games.  Or we at least try to identify the audience for each game, because every game unless it is broken is probably going to be considered good to someone.  But since all the reviews are positive in a way the question is raised, and rightly so, as to whether or not we are being honest or trying to suck up to game makers to get more free games.  The symbiotic relationship between game developers and game reviewers has been full of controversy and most of our readers are likely familiar with the 6-10 grading scale that is allowed for most mainstream reviews that are only really able to put a game on blast if it is from a small studio they don't mind alienating.  Almost every game we have reviewed has been provided to us for free, so the "bribe" element may be perceived.  However there are a few caveats I would like to point out.  

1. We so far have only reached out to developers that had games in which we were interested.  While we will not turn down a game to review, as a start up business we had to solicit games and we did some window shopping first.  We did not blanket the entire gaming market as yet, because well, we couldn't handle the volume.  And frankly, I don't really want to be forced to play crappy games.

2. When a game comes in, Chris and I decide who is more likely to enjoy it.  Further altering the odds of a favorable review.  For example.  The game Moonrise came in, and it is a Pokemon style collecting and battling game.  I would rather be punched in the face, but Chris who owns a Pokemon suitcase was intrigued.  He did that review.  I reviewed a game where I get to punch people in the face.  Everyone was happy except the face punchees.

3. Unlike a mainstream game review site we are not exhaustive.  In that we are not going to review every game that is released of which many are likely bad.  We have neither the time nor the interest in doing so.  We are working adults with kids (or one on the way) who want to maximize our gaming time and dollars and send on what we learn to you the audience.  We are pre-separating much of the wheat from the chaff and that is intentional to not waste our time or yours.  If you wish to see games torn apart I recommend the Angry Video Game Nerd

In conclusion, we are not as likely to feature many bad games here on the site.  If we come across one we will certainly let you know, but we are not going out of our way to have a bad time playing video games to prove we are willing to "stick it to the man".  We play games and talk about them for our pleasure and intend to keep doing so.

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