Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Batman: Arkham Knight

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Holy Bat-fist Batman!?!

Holy Bat-fist Batman!?!

High Level Premise – You are Batman, and you need to save Gotham City. 3rd-person adventure/beat'em up.

Graphics/Style - Dark and ominous, just like Gotham City should be. It's everything I imagined Gotham would be like and more.

Music / Sound Effects – The music sets the tone for something bad to happen around almost every corner. The sound effects are crisp, clear, and in your face. The Batmobile sounds are my favorite, as they make the vehicle sound even cooler than it looks. The voice actors play their respective parts perfectly, and I could not imagine anyone else doing the job.

Story – After Arkham City's decommissioning, Gotham is in trouble once more. The Batman rogues gallery is scattered throughout the city causing chaos, and there is only one man that can stop them.

Replay-ability – There is a ton of collectibles to be found, especially the coveted Riddler trophies. DLC is promised to be coming later this year featuring extra missions, playable characters, and collectibles to find.

Time Commitment – You are going to need at least a good 12 hours to complete the main story. Luckily, the game saves often for you so picking up and putting down is not an issue.

Value – There is so much to do and seek out in Gotham, there is no question that this is a AAA-title. You could literally spend days trying to complete this game to the fullest and still not get to 100%. This doesn't even account for any DLC that has already been announced.

Multiplayer - N/A

Favorite Element – There is nothing better than teaming up with one of Batman's allies to kick some butt. The environmental takedowns and assist take downs add that special bit of flair that make the Batman: Arkham series special.

Has Batman met his match?

Has Batman met his match?

The Batman Arkham series is one of the most well done video game series of the past decade. Three out of the four games have been developed by original creator Rocksteady, and all three have been exceptionally good, both in terms of story and gameplay. Arkham Knight rounds out the Rocksteady trilogy quite nicely and is a great leap from the previous generation of consoles. The only complaint I have with the game is the Batmobile controls are a bit difficult to handle, especially in the tight inner city streets of Gotham. The main story of the game takes about 12-16 hours to complete, not including completing all of the side missions, finding the riddler trophies, and exploring the other areas of Gotham.  I cannot recommend this game enough for both Playstation 4 or XBOX One.  *Note PC gamers should research the computer version of this game as it is currently unavailable on Steam due to technical difficulties.

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