November signals the death of the Xbox 360 and PS3

"Life is pleasant.  Death is peaceful.  It's the transition that's troublesome" - Isaac Asimov

"Life is pleasant.  Death is peaceful.  It's the transition that's troublesome" - Isaac Asimov

On November 6th Call of Duty Black Ops III comes out for all systems (Except WiiU obviously) but it is followed by two massive cross platform games that will only be on the new systems -  Fallout 4 (Nov 10th) and Star Wars Battlefront (Nov 17th).  These will be following some other cross format best sellers like Assassin's Creed Syndicate and the new Rainbow 6 that drop in October but only for the new systems.  If you have been holding onto your last gen system waiting for the fat lady to sing it is fast approaching.  Tony Hawk 5 and the new interactive games (Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, Guitar Hero) will all you have come Christmas time, and I imagine the online masses you rely on for your multiplayer in Call of Duty will largely be on the Xbone and PS4.  

I know your pain, I held out as long as possible and I write for a video game website.  You have a pile of classics you missed when they first came out to catch up on. You don't want to scrap the 360 until you beat LA Noire, and you want to re-experience Red Dead Redemption in zombie mode.  You have until November now.  There will be more screaming deals on the new systems, and then suddenly support for the old system will get spotty.  You will see PS3s at every yard sale and think back to when you had to camp out in front of a Best Buy to get yours years ago.  The era is coming to a close.  The money has to be spent, or you transition to PC gaming or board game night adulthood.  Each time this system shuffle happens one or two of our friends don't make the jump.  Your long time Halo buddy won't make the Wednesday throw down anymore.  Lets all pour out a 40oz Code Red for our lost brethren, and then start talking about the games they will miss out on.  You see that new Battlefront gameplay trailer yet?

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