AntharioN Review - The Spritual Successor to Ultima VII


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Carlo, I do not think that the Cap of Intellect is for you to wear...

Carlo, I do not think that the Cap of Intellect is for you to wear...

High Level Premise – Think Ultima VII: The Black Gate in style and story, an RPG plus turn-based combat.

Graphics/Style - 16-bit visuals add to the nostalgia of an RPG from the 90s.

Music / Sound Effects – Basic background music and sounds, did not add or detract from gameplay.

Story – You and three others have been locked away in a prison beneath a town. Something happens above ground to allow you to escape.  As the story progresses, you find out your purpose in this story is something much more...

Replay-ability – There are a ton of areas to fully explore, and there are many different combinations of party members that you can create. Each party member can be customized with different classes, skills, and attributes.

Time Commitment – Be prepared to invest several hours into this game, but luckilly you can save your game at any time (if you remember to do so.)

Value – This is an engrossing RPG with a very long story, side quests, and many baddies to fight. AntharioN is not a game that can easily be beaten quickly since there is so much to explore, the value is there.

Multiplayer - N/A

Favorite Element – Building a party with unique skills is pretty standard for an RPG, but I never get tired of devising a strategy early on in the game before the actual story even starts.  Finding loot and equipment is always fun, and the overall atmosphere of the game seeming like it came straight out of 1994 makes AntharioN worthwhile.

That'll show those lambs who owns the Mushroom Forest!

That'll show those lambs who owns the Mushroom Forest!

I was initially very excited to review AntharioN, and my expectations did not disappoint. The game is definitely an example of where you can tell that developer Orphic Software has put a lot of heart and soul went into the production of this title. It stays very true to the theme of a 90's RPG, right down to the save system.  Speaking of which, I played the game for a solid 20 minutes, beat the first dungeon, explored a town, and then fought some crabs on the beach.  I forgot that in true 90s fashion, you need to save often in games like these.  We are so spoiled today with games automatically saving for us, and I was no exception. My fight with the crabs on the beach ended poorly, and since I forgot to save I had to start at the beginning of the game.  A harsh lesson learned, one I had forgotten from long ago.  Ultima VII is one my favorite RPGs of all time, and if you remotely enjoy that game or RPGs with turn-based combat then AntharioN is for you.  Be prepared to sink a lot of time into AntharioN because with so many NPCs to talk to, dungeons to explore, and loot to collect you are going to need it.

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